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We empower you to take action by providing the financing you need to get rid of parking tickets. You can relax knowing that Clamant Resolution has your back.  Get your parking tickets paid now!

Right Place. Wrong Time. Hefty Ticket.

Unpaid parking violation shouldn’t be a burden you bear alone. Pay a parking citation online and on time save the trouble of a booted car or suspended driver’s license.  Red light camera tickets and parking tickets scofflaws are struggling to make payments when they’re facing financial challenges.  We offer low interest online payment plans there’s no long waiting line for traffic court to hear your case.  Pay a ticket online is convenient and user friendly interface for all users. 

At Clamant Resolution, we understand that an unexpected parking ticket or red-light citation can cause stress on your mind and your wallet. And we get it, it happens to the best of us – meter ran out before your appointment ended, or you were in a rush and mistakenly parked in an unauthorized zone. No matter the cause, parking citations are an unwanted nuisance. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it – let us handle that!

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Benefits of Our Services

Clamant Resolution will keep you from these consequences for unpaid parking tickets:

Delinquent payments can lead to various fees and increasing fines

When your tickets go unpaid, the parking authority can place a device on your vehicle that renders it immobile. This leads to more fines.

Cities that issue parking tickets are permitted to report your delinquent fines to the DMV, who may place a hold on your registration renewal.

If you have several unpaid parking tickets, your local court can issue a summons for appearance before a judge. This is a measure the municipality takes to secure payment – which can result in your arrest.

Unpaid parking tickets can result in revoked driving privileges.

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Payment Plans


We currently assist our clients with motor vehicle parking citations and red-light camera citations.

While we will not run your credit report, we do require relevant information to ensure that you can repay our investment. Please contact us for further information.

Members using our services have 4-8 weeks to complete their repayment.

If payment is not received for services rendered in the agreed-upon time frame, a mechanic’s liens will be place on the vehicle or you are subject to having your vehicle towed or your driver’s license suspended as per our terms.

Customers must first enroll in an annual membership by completing the application and paying the $20 non-refundable membership fee.

Yes, our interest rates do not fluctuate with the market.

One of our expert team is assigned to your case to ensure that the process moves forward smoothly and quickly.

Our club members can be awarded anywhere from $150 to $400 to resolve their parking and red-light citations.

To ensure that payments are rendered to the finance department of the corresponding municipalities, we resolve your tickets on an individual basis. Processing can take up to 48 hours, and once processing is complete you will receive a confirmation email. From there, we can continue with the next ticket if you have multiple citations.

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